How to Fix a Tritton Headset if You Can't Hear People Talk

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Triton headsets can be fixed if you're having trouble hearing audio streams.
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Tritton headsets are made for gamers, so they transmit both the game audio and any available voice chat. Making sure that your system and the headphones are both set up correctly is the best way to prevent any errors with the headphones. Sometimes, however, problems still occur and stop you from hearing one or both audio streams.


Step 1

Check your console or computer settings to make sure that the DTS audio option is disabled. If DTS is selected, the headsets won't play the game audio.

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Step 2

Examine each cord on the headset and make sure that it's not bent and that there are no kinks in it. If there are, straighten them out. Also check the connector pins on each input and make sure they're not bent or broken.


Step 3

Follow each of the cords on the headphones to their respective inputs. Unplug each connector and then plug it back in. Ensure that the headsets are connected to either an AC adapter or the USB port on the console so that they're getting power.

Step 4

Check the chat volume control on the Tritton headset you're using. Depending on the model, it will either be on the cord connecting the headset to the game console or on the adjustment box. Check the game volume control as well to make sure both are turned up.



Step 5

Connect the headset to your device with an AC to USB adapter plug. This will eliminate the low buzzing sound that some Tritton headset users hear when playing on an Xbox console. Switching your headset to a different USB port may also help eliminate the buzzing sound.



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