How to Fix a USB Port That Turns On & Off Repeatedly

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USB ports were brought about in an attempt to standardize how we plug devices into a computer. Computer mice, keyboards, digital cameras, and many other electronic devices now utilize an USB port connection. A port that is not functioning as expected can be mission critical, or an infuriating annoyance at the least. A port that continuously turns off and on may not be broken, this maybe a "Power Management" feature of the device. USB ports can hibernate just as a computer or laptop do. If it's dozing off is not in your best interest, you can disable this feature.


Step 1

Open "Control Panel."

Open "Start Menu", select "Settings", then menu item "Control Panel."


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Step 2

Open "System" applet.

In "Control Panel" window click open the "System" icon.


Step 3

Make selections in the "System Properties" box.

When the "System Properties" box opens, select the "Hardware" tab, then click the "Device Manager" button.


Step 4

"Device Manager."

When "Device Manager" opens, click the at "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" to expand it.



Step 5

Right click the "USB Root Hub"

Right-click the first "USB Root Hub" item and select "Properties" from the menu.


Step 6

Select the "Power Management" tab.

Select the "Power Management" tab. Clear the checkmark from Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Click "OK."


Step 7

Four more "Root Hubs" to make changes on.

Repeat these steps for all the "USB Root Hubs."




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