How to Fix an Upside Down Computer Screen

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If headstands don't appeal to you, fix your upside-down screen.
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If you're met with an upside-down computer screen when firing up your computer, you might be the victim of a practical joke. As humorous as this may or may not be, eventually you need to use your computer, which is more complicated when standing on your head. Luckily, the same tools the prankster used when orchestrating the prank are available to you. The hardest part in correcting the issue is navigating with your mouse. Fortunately, you can correct the setting using just your keyboard.


Step 1

Press the "Windows Logo" key, type "change screen orientation" and press "Enter."

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Step 2

Press "Tab" three times until you see a dotted line surrounding "Landscape (Flipped)."


Step 3

Press the "Up Arrow" key twice to display "Landscape."


Step 4

Press "Alt-A" to apply the settings and press "K" to keep your changes. Click "OK" to close the Screen Resolution window.



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