How to Fix Buzzing & Bright Colors on a Panasonic Plasma TV

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Solve buzzing issues on your Panasonic plasma set.

Certain Panasonic plasma models seem to be plagued by a persistent buzzing sound emanating from a variety of reported sources. Diagnosing the source of and solving this buzzing, also associated with bright images on screen, is a matter of trial and error. Once these annoying issues are resolved, you can resume viewing the traditionally high-quality images generated by this brand of television.


Step 1

Adjust the screw on the back of the upper left-hand side of the set. This potentially solves buzzing caused by the ferrite cores on select wires inside the set, and buzzing caused by the cooling fan on this side of most Panasonic plasma models.

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Step 2

Press the "Setup" button on the plasma's remote control and enter the set's menu. Look for the "Picture" options in the setup menu.


Step 3

Lower the images' contrast level. Excessive contrast often causes buzzing on plasma sets. Additionally, lowering the contrast level has the added benefit of reducing the risk of burn-in, potentially extending the life of the set.

Step 4

Enter the "Audio" submenu while in the set's setup menu. Turn off the set's internal speakers. Use external speakers, powered by external amplification. Turning off the set's internal speakers prevents buzzing caused by vibrations from the thin speaker grille found on most Panasonic televisions.



Step 5

Verify you have a set compatible with high altitude, should you live higher than the Panasonic-recommended 7800 feet above sea level. Altitude pressures cause any set to buzz, unless it has been specifically designed to address this issue.




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