How to Fix the Toolbar on the Bottom of the Computer Screen

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You must unlock the taskbar to restore your original setting.

The Windows operating system is complete with a bar at the bottom of the screen known as a taskbar. The taskbar helps you navigate to different programs on the computer. You can move the taskbar to another edge on your screen and also resize it. The taskbar may also be restored to its default location and settings after you make a change. Microsoft Support's website offers a "Fix it" button or link for Windows XP or Windows Vista users to restore the default setting. You may also take steps to restore the default setting on your own.


Step 1

Right-click on an empty space on the taskbar to check that your taskbar is unlocked. If there is a check mark next to "Lock the Taskbar" on the menu that appears, click on it to unlock it.

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Step 2

Click your mouse on an empty space on the taskbar and continue to hold down as you drag the taskbar to the bottom of your screen. Release the mouse button when it is located where you want it.


Step 3

Adjust the height of the taskbar, if necessary, by placing your cursor on the top edge of the taskbar. When a top and bottom arrow appears, click and continue to hold down as you drag up or down to make adjustments. Release the mouse button when you are finished.




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