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Tumblr lets you connect with people all around the world to explore each other's interests, share content and make friends. However, such a wide-open platform, with all its many apps and features, comes with risks. If you're not the most tech-savvy person -- or sometimes even if you are -- you can end up making a mistake that lets others post spam from your account. Sometimes it can happen even if you don't make any mistakes. Fortunately, it's usually pretty easy to put a stop to the spam and get back control of your account.


Revoking Access From Malicious Applications

Tumblr allows you to integrate apps with your account for added functionality. However, some of these apps are malicious in nature and, once they have access to your account, they may use it to repost spam. Fix this by revoking that app's access to your account. On your Tumblr homepage, click on the gear-shaped "Settings" button. Next, click "Apps" on the menu. Then, if you know which app is causing the spam, revoke its access. If you don't know, you should investigate the apps you use -- or, the spam may be coming from another source.


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Changing Your Account Password

Phishers often trick people into giving away their account login information by creating fake Web pages that look just like the real ones -- such as the Tumblr login page. It's a good idea to change all of your account passwords on a regular basis. If you have spam coming from your Tumblr blog, then take this opportunity to change your password. Going forward, remember never to type out your Tumblr account password anywhere on the Internet except Tumblr itself. Always check your browser's address bar to make sure that it actually says "" and that it has the green security certificate.


Resetting Your Mobile Publishing Email Address

If you use Tumblr's mobile publishing feature, spammers can sometimes get hold of your mobile publishing email address. Tumblr makes this easy to fix this by allowing you to reset that address. On your Tumblr homepage, click on the gear-shaped "Settings" button at the top of the screen. Next, scroll down the main menu of options to where it says "Post by Email," and then click "Reset Address."


Dealing With Spam Elsewhere on Tumblr

If you're having a problem with spam that isn't coming from your own account, you can report these posts to Tumblr as spam. Depending on how you're using Tumblr, the spam report button will be in one of two places. Hover your mouse over the post and look for a flag icon that pops-up. Click on the flag, select "This is spam," and click the big red "Flag" button; or look for an "X" icon. Note that this won't show up for posts from people you're following. Click the "X," then click "Ignore." A transparent menu bar will pop-up at the bottom of your Web browser. Look for the button that says "Spam." Click on it to report the account to Tumblr.


Contacting Tumblr for Help

If you can't resolve the spam problems on your own, send a message to Tumblr (link in Resources). In the meantime, you can delete any of your spam posts by clicking the "Delete" button. You can also delete many posts at once by going to your account homepage and clicking on the small link that says "Mass Post Editor" on the navigation menu.



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