What Are Signs That Someone Is Trying to Hack My Facebook?

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Watch for signs that someone else is using your account.

Facebook allows you to connect with virtually millions of users around the world, some of whom may be e-criminals who want to use your profile for spam and scams. Scammers typically commandeer your Facebook account to lure your friends and family into clicking on dangerous links, allowing spam and malware to infiltrate their computers. By keeping a sharp eye out for signs of being hacked, you can protect yourself and your Facebook friends from an information breach.


Changed Password

Signing into Facebook on a regular basis is standard procedure when you're keeping up with friends and family. If your password suddenly stops working, it's a strong indicator that someone else has gained access to your account and changed the password so he has constant access and to delay your discovery. Quickly change your Facebook password by resetting it using the "Forgot your password?" link on the Facebook login page. Choose a new password that is difficult to guess.


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Facebook Email

The Facebook security team monitors Facebook usage to catch hackers and spammers quickly. If the security team notices that your account has undergone suspicious activity, including posting spam or violating Facebook guidelines, your account is suspended and the Facebook security team sends an email to warn you of the activity and advise you on ways to reopen your account. Receiving this email is a sure sign that someone else has taken control of your account.


Random Posts

You didn't take an IQ test, but your Facebook profile is inviting your friends to compete against you. Hackers use your Facebook account to take advantage of the trust that your friends have in you. When they see a post or link from a friend, they're more inclined to click it and even enter personal information on an unsecured website. When you see posts and links that you didn't authorize, it's because your account has been hacked.


Authorization Notification

By changing your Facebook security settings, you can be notified if your Facebook is accessed from an unfamiliar device. By selecting "Account" on the right-hand side of the page and then choosing "Account Settings," followed by "Account Security," you can set your notifications to let you know when a new device logs onto Facebook. If it was you, then you can ignore the warning email that is sent when the login occurs; otherwise, you know that a hacker has accessed your account with your password.


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