How to Fix Facebook If You Get Locked Out

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It is possible to get hacked or click on a virus that locks you out of your Facebook account. The social network uses preventive security measures to stop malicious software or hackers from harming the site. Sometimes these countermeasures are too sensitive and cause everyday users to get locked out. If you were recently locked out, due to a technical glitch, user error or compromised account, then you can use Facebook's automated compromised reporting tool. In most cases, you'll regain access to your account within a few minutes.


Step 1

Type "" in the address bar of a Web browser. Press "Enter" on your keyboard.

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Step 2

Click the "My Account is Compromised" button to continue.


Step 3

Fill in the form on the next page by choosing one of three identification methods: email address or phone number, Facebook username, or your name along with a friend's name.

Step 4

Click the "Continue" button to continue onto the next page.


Step 5

Enter your Facebook account's password, and click "Continue." On the next page, the website notifies you that your account is locked out, which it may or may not have already been.

Step 6

Type a "New Password" and "Confirm Password." When done typing, click the "Change Password" button.



Step 7

Click the check box for each email address associated with your account, confirming you have changed the password for your email address. This is a security precaution. Click "Continue" to move to the next step.

Step 8

Review if there were changes to Account Settings, and then click "Continue."

Step 9

Click the "Log In" button. Your Facebook account is unlocked, and you may proceed to use it as normal.



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