How to Fix Your Toshiba TV

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Nobody wants to deal with the possibility that the Toshiba television you just paid hundreds of dollars for is giving you problems. You may turn it on one day and find the picture distorted, the sound not functioning or any number of other things. Luckily, Toshiba television sets have an on-board settings menu designed to let you completely take control of the picture quality. Troubleshooting a Toshiba TV has never been easier.


Step 1

Make sure everything is plugged in correctly. If you're using a DVD player, Blu-ray player or cable box and find that the image or sound is acting up, the problem is probably with these external devices and not with the TV itself. Make sure the audio and video cables that run from these devices to your TV are completely plugged into the right places at both ends.


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If a video cable is plugged in too loosely, for example, the video signal won't be able to properly transmit from one source to the other and will appear distorted on the TV.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on your Toshiba TV's remote control to enter the "Settings" menu.


Step 3

Change the video presets. Toshiba TV sets have five preset video modes for different types of video. One is designed to be bright, for use with sports and other shows with fast motion. One is designed to be darker, for use when watching movies. Make sure you haven't accidentally switched to a preset mode you don't like.



Step 4

Use the picture controls in the "Settings" menu to adjust things like the "Brightness" and "Sharpness." If the picture on your Toshiba TV is too blurry, for example, you'll want to increase the "Sharpness" video setting until the image returns to the quality you are happy with.


Step 5

Turn off "Game" mode to negate any audio delay there may be. (Toshiba TVs have a setting called "Game" mode for use with external devices like video-game systems.) If "Game" mode is on when using a DVD player, it can result in the sound and the video being out of sync by as much as a full second.




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