How to Fix Your TV Tuner

By Techwalla Electronics Editor

What if your TV begins acting erratically or not functioning at all? Perhaps you need to fix your TV tuner to return the TV to full functionality. Take a look at some of these common problems and solutions.

Things You'll Need

  • Replacement parts
  • Soldering iron

Step 1

Determine if your TV tuner needs to be fixed. Some symptoms of this problem might be if your picture has reception problems; you are unable to tune to certain blocks of channels; channels change randomly; you lose the picture and then hear a high pitched whine;, there is noisy or muted sound (volume buttons have no effect) or the controls behave erratically. Fixing the TV tuner may solve your problem.

Step 2

Read the safety guidelines for high voltage and/or line powered equipment. Before you begin repairing anything, make sure you know how to proceed safely. Find a link in "Resources."

Step 3

Read a troubleshooting and repair of consumer electronic equipment tutorial. Repairing a TV tuner is not for novices. This document should catch you up on all the basics you need to know before proceeding.

Step 4

Try spraying some freeze spray into the IF module. If your tuner seems to be "searching" through a channel, this may fix the problem.

Step 5

Look for bad connections in the tuner and the IF module. Audio problems or video problems may be due to a poorly soldered connection. Open up the tuner and the IF module and re-solder any bad connections.

Tips & Warnings

  • A common place for problems is around the AFT coil.
  • Problems that crop up after 30 minutes or more of use are usually due to dried up electrolytic capacitors.
  • Before taking apart any of the components, check for problems on the rest of the board.