How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

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How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail
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Gmail is a more popular and more robust email platform than Rediffmail. Maintaining two separate accounts while forwarding the Rediffmail to Gmail can be advantageous. The forwarding process is simple and it makes it possible to manage your Rediffmail messages through Gmail. The consolidation is efficient and convenient.

Reasons to Forward Emails

The primary reason for forwarding your messages to Gmail is convenience. You have the Rediffmail account and want to keep the address, but you also want to migrate to the Gmail platform. You can have the best of both worlds through a simple forwarding system.

You can use the forwarding system for a temporary time period while phasing out your Rediffmail account or maintain the system permanently. The choice depends on the importance of the original account. When attached to a business, the Rediffmail account may have actual value in terms of clientele, and forwarding means you will not lose customers through a miscommunication.

In some cases, forwarding will only push through the important, white-listed messages while the remainder of Rediffmail catches spam. Gmail has excellent spam filters, and you can receive your real messages while the remainder is lost to the old account. Lastly, forwarding means you have access to the features associated with Gmail. The service is the largest email platform in existence and the basic account is completely free. A single user business account with a custom domain is only $5 per month, and you have the ability to add additional users as needed.

Autoresponder Option

If you plan to eliminate the Rediffmail account, using an autoresponder to alert people about the change of address is sometimes easier than forwarding. This is especially true when the Rediffmail account is dated and used infrequently.

Changing to a fresh account without forwarding is nice and the autoresponder will help phase out the old account without missing anything important enough for the sender to resend to a new Gmail account. Your friends and family will make the change and every other spammer and automated email program will fall away.

Set up an autoresponder or just a simple vacation email with the old email address. Tell the recipients you no longer monitor the account and all emails should be sent to the new address to receive a response. You can set a custom time period to run the autoresponder before abandoning the account entirely, or place the message on a permanent setting to continually alert contacts about the change of address.

Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

Open a web browser and sign into your Rediffmailpro account at Click on the account Settings option to open all of your custom settings. This is where you set up signatures, autoresponders and every custom element within the account. Click on the Auto Forward option to set up the forwarding process. In the text area labeled for the forwarding email, enter your full Gmail account address. Make sure to enter this correctly or the forwarding will not function.

Lastly, determine if you wish to maintain the Rediffmail account. Select the Retain Emails option to keep a copy in your Rediffmail account. If you have no plans to maintain the account, however, do not choose this option. The emails will forward but will not remain on the Rediffmail servers. If you want a copy, choose the option, otherwise you can phase out the account without storing anything on the servers.

After everything is ready, click on the Begin Forwarding Emails option to get started. Wait for a few minutes while the changes take effect. Send yourself a test email to ensure the mail is forwarding.