How to Forward Rediffmail to Gmail

By John Mitchell

You can forward your Rediffmail messages to your Gmail inbox. This might be helpful if you spend more time checking your Gmail than your Rediffmail account. The setup process is incredibly simple and requires you take action only in your Rediffmail account for the forwarding to begin. Once set up, you will receive your Rediffmail emails at your Gmail address.

Step 1

Sign into your Rediffmail account and go to the "My Settings" section.

Step 2

Click the "Auto Forward" or "Forward Your Emails" link. The difference in the link title depends on if you are using the classic view or standard view.

Step 3

Type your full Gmail address in the text field box below the "Enter the email address to which you would like your Rediffmail forwarded" label.

Step 4

Select if you would like to retain a copy of the email on the Rediffmail servers or have the emails deleted after forwarding.

Step 5

Click the "Start Forwarding My Emails" button. Your Rediffmail messages will now start showing up in your Gmail inbox.

Tips & Warnings

  • As of the date of publication, some Rediffmail users have reported receiving an error message about needing to add an email address for the "Auto Forward." This is a known glitch in the Rediffmail system, and you should the contact the provider's technical support to have it resolved.