How to Get Temporary Internet Connections

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Suppose that you do not use the Internet very much – not enough to warrant paying a monthly fee for an Internet connection. Yet once in a while, you need to go online. Even if you don't have your own Internet connection at home, there are multiple options available that will let you find temporary connections to get online.


Get Temporary Internet Conections

Step 1

Make careful preparations prior to visiting an Internet café or cyber café. Write out in advance any messages or other material you wish to send. If you have a computer and your material is lengthy, use your word processor to prepare the material at home and copy it on a rewritable CD, memory card or USB flash drive. Make written notes listing whatever topics you may wish to research.


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Step 2

If necessary, estimate how long your session will last. In some Internet cafés, you have to sign up for specific amount of time, e.g., a half-hour or an hour. But most will grant an open session in which you can work as long as you want.

Step 3

Choose an Internet café that suits you. Check rates. Some are cheaper, but their computers may be slower and they may lose their signal more easily. In some the keyboards may be in poor condition. Some have scanners; others do not. Some play loud music that is not conducive to work. Decide which factors are important to you.


Step 4

Begin a session in the Internet café you have chosen--and make the most of your time. The longer the session, the more you will pay, usually with a minimum charge.

Step 5

Check whether your local library offers Internet service. If you need a library card to use the Internet there, apply for one. All you need is identification. Many libraries allow you to use the Internet without a library card, but policies vary. Some libraries offer free Internet service. Others offer free Internet service for research, but do not permit users to send email messages or to chat online. Still others charge a small fee. Work efficiently while using the library Internet; others may be waiting for their turn. Usually you will have a time limit unless no one else is waiting.



Step 6

When traveling, check the policies of libraries in the cities you are visiting. Libraries worldwide offer Internet service to strangers. Also check if your hotel offers free Internet service to its guests. You can check this ahead of time by phone, website or through a travel agency.

Step 7

Purchase a laptop or cell phone with Wi-Fi capabilities. Wi-Fi, or wireless fidelity, is "a certification trademark assuring the interoperability of wireless local area network products." (definition from Encarta Dictionaries)


Step 8

Patronize an establishment that provides free Wi-Fi for its clients. Check with your medical and dental clinics, the restaurants in which you eat, the malls in which you shop and the hotels in which you stay. Some airports also have Wi-Fi. If your workplace has Wi-Fi, your company may permit you to use it during your breaks or after work.


Step 9

Cultivate good relations with your neighbors. Get to know them personally. Invite them to your house for dinner once in a while, or talk to them when you happen to see them.

Step 10

Learn if and how your neighbors access the internet. If they have unsecured Wi-Fi and if your house is close enough to benefit from the signal, ask for permission to use it.



Step 11

Turn on your laptop. If the signal is strong enough, you will be connected automatically. If the connection is not made immediately, you have software that will search for a signal when you attempt to access the internet

Step 12

Move your laptop to the site in your house where you can get the best signal. Your signal may be weak and intermittent. Sometimes it will be better in one place; at other times a different spot may be preferable.


Step 13

If you have a cell phone with Wi-Fi, try various spots in your yard. Make use of the greater mobility that you enjoy when using this smaller electronic device.



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