How to Get Text Messages Off a Cell Phone

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If you do a lot of texting, over time text messages can build up and take up a great deal of your phone's memory. To free up that memory, you need to remove the text messages from your cell phone. While text messages are easily deleted from the phone itself, you may have one or two you would like to save. In this case, you can send it to your email address before deleting it. If you don't wish to save any messages, simply do a mass delete of the texts. While there are many different makes and models of cell phones, these instructions are standard and can lead you through the process of deleting text messages, no matter what phone you have.

Send Message To Email

Step 1

Go to Section 2 if you do not wish to save any email messages before deleting them. If you do wish to save them, proceed to the next step.

Step 2

Go to your Main Menu screen and open your "Messages" folder.

Step 3

Select the folder that houses the message you wish to save, whether it is Inbox, Drafts, Outbox or Sent.

Step 4

Highlight the message you wish to send to your computer and select "Options." Under Options select "Forward."

Step 5

In the "To" field, put in your email address instead of a phone number. You do this by changing the type field to letters instead of numbers. Consult the User Guide for your phone if you are unsure of how to do this.

Step 6

Send the message to your email, and then delete it off your phone.

Delete Messages From Phone

Step 1

From your menu screen, go to your messages folder.

Step 2

Select "Text Messages" and then go to your Inbox, or the folder that holds the message you wish to remove. Open the individual message and then push the "Options" key. Under the Options list, select "Delete." If you wish to delete several messages at once, go to Step 3.

Step 3

Select "Text Messages" and then highlight the file you wish to delete. If you wish to delete all messages, on the folder page highlight "Inbox" and then select "Options." From your Options list select "Delete All." Repeat this process with each folder of messages that you wish to delete.


Deleting a message, or sending it to email, as soon as you read it will save a lot of time later, as you will not have to go back in and "clean up" your text messages.


Removing a text message from your phone does not erase its existence elsewhere. Your phone company has a record of your text messages and they are held for a certain amount of time before they delete them.

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