How to Get the IMEI Number for a Samsung Phone

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The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code of the Samsung phone is a 15 or 17-digit code used to identify valid phones within a network and to find lost or stolen phones. If the phone is stolen, you can call your service provider and have them blacklist the phone based on its IMEI number. Identifying the IMEI number for a Samsung phone takes just a few minutes.


Step 1

Push at the top of the Samsung back cover (near the speaker) in the direction of the arrow and pull the cover down and out to remove it. You should see the Samsung battery in its slot once you have removed the back cover.

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Step 2

Remove the battery. Behind the battery, you should see the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card and a white label with a bar code and series of numbers. It should be a length of 25 mm and a width of 15 mm with one of its corners truncated and a gold-colored chip in the middle.



Step 3

Find the IMEI code. It should be a 15 or 17-digit code next to "IMEI." Alternatively, you can press "#06#" on the phone's keypad to display the IMEI number.



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