How to Get the IMEI Number for Your GPS Tracker

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An IMEI number on an electronic device, also known as an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, is a series of either 15 or 17 numbers that form a unique identifying code for the device on which it is printed. You may need to provide this code when contacting customer service about the device, and will need it if the GPS tracker is stolen. The device can be identified by the IMEI number, and the service provider can use the number to disable the tracker's network access.


Step 1

Shut off the GPS tracker by pressing or sliding the power switch or button. Wait for it to shut down. Unplug it if it's connected to a computer or power cable.

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Step 2

Press the button or latch securing the battery cover to the tracker. Slide the cover off gently, being careful not to break the small tabs that keep it in place. Set the cover aside.


Step 3

Lift the battery from the GPS tracker. Some batteries slide out, while others must be popped free using a small object, such as a penny or fingernail, or by pulling a battery tab.


Step 4

Locate the sticker attached to the tracker behind the battery; the number listed next to "IMEI" is the IMEI number. Your tracker may list both a 15 and a 17 digit number; copy the number you need onto a sheet of paper

Step 5

Replace the battery and battery cover and turn the device on.



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