How to Get to Azshara in "World of Warcraft"

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In the multiplayer online role-playing game "World of Warcraft," the zone of Azshara was, for years, almost empty with very few quests and many unimplemented features such as the never-added "Azshara Crater" battleground. But now the zone has received a massive face-lift, becoming a level 10 to 20 zone for Horde characters. As a result, there are no longer any quests there for Alliance characters and going there as an Alliance character will activate your PvP flag if you are on a PvE server. The following steps apply to Alliance characters, since Horde characters can simply get there through the northern gates of Orgrimmar.


Step 1

Bring your character to Rut'theran Village on the island of Teldrassil. Night Elf characters will first come here at around level 12. If you are human, gnome, dwarf or worgen, head to Stormwind and make your way to Stormwind Harbor. Take the boat on the southern-most pontoon to Teldrassil.


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Step 2

Fly to Lor'danel in Darkshore. All alliance characters should have this flight point automatically.

Step 3

Proceed south and follow the road to the bottom of the zone. It is a good idea to be at least level 20 before continuing through to Ashenvale. Follow the road right through Ashenvale to the far east of the zone. Grab all of the flight points on the way including Blackfathom Camp, Astranaar and Forest Song. Cross the bridge over the river at the eastern end of the zone. You will now be in Azshara.





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