How to Get Unbanned From People's Places on Roblox

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The Roblox website bans users who break rules, harass others or use profanity. Roblox imposes two types of bans. An official ban locks you out of your account for several days; a Place ban removes your ability to access a specific Place. The creator of a Roblox Place can ban or unban players at any time. If you wish to remove your ban, contact the creator and ask what you can do to convince him to remove the ban.


Step 1

Visit the page for the Place that banned you. Though you cannot enter the Place any longer, you can still visit the page.

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Step 2

Read over the "Description" to determine whether the game includes any specific rules about bans. If the game includes text which explains that bans are permanent and won't be retracted, it's unlikely the creator will unban you.


Step 3

Locate the text "Creator" on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the name that appears after "Creator."

Step 4

Read over the text on the Page to see if it specifies any preferences about contact or bans. Make a note of these preferences.



Step 5

Click on the "Send Message" or "Start Chatting" link at the bottom of the profile. Explain that you want to know why you were banned and what you can do to remove the ban. Correspond with the creator until she rejects or accepts your request.

Step 6

Visit the Place under a different Roblox account if the creator refuses to unban you. Click on the "Logout" button, then click on the "Create Account" option. Enter your birthday, gender and a new user name and password.



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