Is Dailymotion Safe?

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Dailymotion is a video-sharing website hosted in France. The website resembles YouTube; it streams videos, including original content created by Dailymotion studios. One of the things that sets Dailymotion apart from YouTube and other video-streaming sites is the maturity of the content available.

What Is Dailymotion?

The second-leading video-streaming site in the world after YouTube, Dailymotion is a major player in video online. According to information released at the end of 2012, Dailymotion boasts 116 million monthly visitors and is the 31st largest site on the Internet. As Dailymotion grew, it developed relationships with premium content creators such as HBO and Showtime. In May 2012, India blocked Dailymotion -- and other video-sharing websites -- for copyright-violation issues.


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Child Safety

Dailymotion partnered with the French group E-Enfance for the purpose of creating safer browsing for children and teenagers. Dailymotion addresses safety through creating awareness of bullying and cyberbullying and providing parents with tools to help their children share and watch videos safely. Ultimately the uploading and viewing of content is the responsibility of the children and their parents, but Dailymotion has joined with other safety groups to promote a safe experience online.


Inappropriate Content

Dailymotion allows content that some viewers might find objectionable -- such as videos containing nudity, sex, violence and swearing. To allow users who do not want to see such content in search results to safely browse Dailymotion, the site offers an Age Gate feature. By default, the Age Gate is activated. When it's on, objectionable or inappropriate content doesn't display in search results. The Age Gate can be toggled by pointing to "Help" at the bottom of the screen and then clicking on "Age Gate." If the Age Gate is toggled from On to Off, you must confirm that you are over 18 years old by clicking a button.



Viruses and Malware

Sometimes websites -- any website, not just Dailymotion -- can become infected with viruses or malware. Antivirus companies maintain lists of popular websites and ratings of how safe they are, including user reviews and comments. According to the Norton Safe Web, as of October 2013, Dailymotion is free from malware, however some of the users reported a malware infection in 2012. If you have a doubt about whether Dailymotion has been compromised by malicious software, check with an anti-virus company like Norton to ensure the site is safe for browsing.



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