How to Get Verizon to Replace a Battery

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Cell phone batteries should last for the life of the phone without dropping charge. However, occasionally Verizon providers will issue a faulty cell phone battery or your battery will begin losing charge more quickly than it should. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to receive a free battery from Verizon.


Step 1

Gather all of your documentation, the original packaging, your contract and any other materials from Verizon. If you are requesting a replacement or exchange, you want to have everything you received upon purchase with you when you visit the store.

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Step 2

Check your contract terms. According to Verizon's return policy listed on its website, you can exchange your new merchandise one time within 30 days of purchase, provided that you return it in its original box with charger, battery, instructions and all other materials included. If you are within the 30-day period, you should be able to get a new battery with no questions asked.


Step 3

Troubleshoot your battery. Before you can receive a new battery from Verizon, the tech will ask you to verify that the battery is at the fault and not the phone or the software. You can do this on your own beforehand to save some time. Try swapping your battery for an identical, functioning battery and see if it still drains quickly or loses charge. If a working battery behaves similarly with your phone, then you likely have a handset issue rather than a battery issue.



Step 4

Test your service. Oftentimes, cell phone batteries drain quickly due to poor coverage. Check if this is your issue by disabling Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and any other non-essential phone functions. You can also enable "Airplane Mode" to replicate this effect. If your battery issues cease, then you have a coverage issue rather than a faulty battery.


Step 5

Bring your phone into an authorized Verizon retailer or service center if the battery continues to malfunction after performing the other tests. The Verizon representative will likely perform some additional tests and, if warranted, will issue you a new battery and keep your old battery.



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