How to Have Different Headers on Each Page

By Isobel Phillips

In a Microsoft Word document, the header is the area within the top margin of each page into which you can insert text or graphics, such as a title, a company logo or information, or page numbers. By default, Word uses the same header throughout a document, but it provides several options for varying this. You can create a different header for the first page only, for odd and even pages, or change it entirely on each page.

Step 1

Open an existing Word document, or create a new one and type in your content. Create the first header if necessary by selecting "Header and Footer" from the "View" menu and inserting the header content.

Step 2

Insert a section break by clicking in the document where you want the new header to appear. In the "Insert" panel, click "Break" and under "Section break types" click "Page break." This will create a new page with the same header as the previous page.

Step 3

Click in the document inside the new section, after the section break. In the "View" panel, click "Header and Footer" to open the "Header and Footer" toolbar.

Step 4

Click "Link to Previous" on the "Header and Footer" toolbar to break the connection with the previous section. Check that "Same as Previous" no longer appears in the upper right corner of the header.

Step 5

Create a new header or edit the existing one. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each new page.

Tips & Warnings

  • Earlier versions of Word use slightly different commands but have the same functionality (see Resources).