How to Insert a Header on Only the First Page in Google Docs

Google Drive leaves space at the top of each page for your header.
Image Credit: Adam Berry/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Headers normally appear on every page in a document; this distinguishes them from any other type of heading or title. If you place a header on just a single page, Google Docs won't consider it a header at all. But it will still act as a header in every other way, listing information such as the document's title, author and publication date. One way to insert this emulated header is to use a text box using Google's Drawing tool.

Step 1

Click "Insert" in your document's menu bar, and click "Drawing" to open the Drawing pane.

Step 2

Click the text box icon in the pane's toolbar. Click and drag over the canvas to create a text box.

Step 3

Type the text of your header, and press "Enter" to add it to the drawing.

Step 4

Format the text using the toolbar's Font, Size and Style buttons.

Step 5

Create additional text boxes if you want your header to include multiple pieces of text.

Step 6

Click "Save & Close" to insert the drawing into the document. Click the header and drag it to the top of the document's first page.

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