How to Hide All Retweets

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Twitter can be a busy place.
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Twitter has forever changed the landscape of social networking. You're now able to follow any users, without them having to approve or follow you back. This enables people to follow their favorite celebrities, brands and influencers on an intimate level that was never before possible.


However, Twitter can often be filled with clutter that doesn't interest you. It's time to learn one simple trick that will greatly increase your enjoyment of Twitter: hiding retweets. Although you can hide the retweets for each user individually, at the time of publication, there is no way to hide all retweets from all users.

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Why You'd Want to Hide Retweets

Retweets are a type of tweet that is shared from another Twitter user using the Retweet button. If someone you follow retweets something from anyone else, it'll show up on your timeline. While this can often be a great way to discover new Twitter users, it can also clog up your timeline if someone you follow overuses it.


Hiding retweets gives you more control over the content you see. In many situations, it helps you hone in on the reason you followed someone in the first place – the interesting tweets. If someone has interesting original tweets, but retweets uninteresting content, it's time to hide those retweets.

How to Hide Retweets Without Unfollowing or Muting

If you don't like someone's retweets, you don't have to unfollow or mute the user altogether. You can simply hide the user's retweets. If you mute or unfollow someone, you won't see anything they tweet. By hiding retweets, you'll still see everything else. To do it, go to and click on your profile. Click "Following" to see the complete list of users you're following. Find the user for whom you want to hide retweets and click on the silhouette button located just to the left of the Following button. A drop-down menu will open up; select "Turn off Retweets."


What Posts Are Seen After Hiding Retweets

After you hide the retweets from a certain user, you no longer see any retweets that he performs using the official retweet button. You only see original tweets.

However, you may still see manual or edited retweets. This type of retweet typically starts with "RT" and then goes into the shared message. Since this does not use the official Retweet button, it is not hidden.


How to Unhide Retweets If You Change Your Mind

Should you ever decide to unhide the retweets of the selected user, you simply redo the process and select "Turn on Retweets." When that's complete, you'll be back to seeing the retweets from the user or users in question.