What Is Archive on Tumblr?

The archive for a Tumblr blog displays all posts on that blog in a tiled list, arranged in reverse chronological order — the most recent at the top — and separated by month. This list can be further filtered either by month or by post type, but not by both simultaneously: You can display all text posts or all posts from April 2015, but not only the text posts from April 2015.

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Reaching a Blog's Archive

The two ways you can reach the menu pop-up on the Tumblr dashboard.
credit: Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Hover over the blog's name or avatar on your dashboard until a pop-up menu appears.

The blog pop-up menu on the dashboard.
credit: Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Click the person icon to display a drop-down menu.

The drop-down menu with the Archive option.
credit: Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Click Archive to open the archive page in a new browser tab or window, depending on your browser's configuration.

Most blogs also include a link to the archive on their main page, although depending on the blog's theme it may be labeled differently or not be present. As a last option, you can reach a blog's archive directly by typing [YourBlogName].tumblr.com/archive in your browser's address bar.

Filtering the Archive

Filtering a blog archive by month.
credit: Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Click Month and select a month from the list to filter the archive to posts from that specific month or older. To page back and forth between years on blogs that have been active for more than a calendar year, click the arrows at the top of the menu.

Filtering a blog archive by post type.
credit: Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Click Filter by Post Type and select a type of post from the list to show only posts of the selected type in the archive. You can only do this with one post type at a time, and the list only includes the types of posts that can be created directly from the dashboard — answer posts, created by answering a question from the inbox, can't be filtered and only appear in the unfiltered archive view.

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