How to Hide My Activity on Facebook Newsfeed

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Keeping yourself out of the News Feed can safeguard your privacy.
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Facebook offers privacy controls to determine who sees content shared through your news feed. You can customize your news feed to hide, block and snooze content from specific individuals and pages. The controls are ideal for privacy and sharing based on your personal preferences. If you wonder how to hide your activity, follow a few simple steps to change your account settings.


Activity Log Feature

When you post or share to Facebook, the content shows on the news feeds of your friends and followers. Changing this to a hide-my-activity setting prevents your posts from showing up on other news feeds. Using the audience selector or activity log feature, you can control the audience and change or delete old posts.

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Access the activity log by clicking the arrow in the upper right corner of your Facebook page. In the drop-down menu, select Activity Log to open a control screen where you can review your timeline, photos and tags. Choose anything you want and either archive or delete the content to remove it from your account and from news feeds where other users may see and engage with the content. This is an excellent means of cleaning up your posts while ensuring only the content you want published is visible to Facebook users.


Control Your Audience

While publishing a post, Facebook offers the option to choose your audience. You can make the post public for anyone, only share it with friends, or use Facebook to block friends from seeing your activity via the Make Private option. Alternatively, click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of your page and choose the Settings, then Privacy option.

Under Privacy, locate the Your Activity section and change the settings as desired. Changing the Who Sees Future Posts to private or friends only hides your activity from the general public. Another handy feature located in this same settings panel is the ability to limit who sees posts you share. Rather than sharing with anyone and everyone, you can share with friends and specific individuals to increase privacy while controlling who you communicate with through the platform.


Scroll down to control the settings for How People Find and Contact You through Facebook. This essentially controls who can locate you, send friend requests, view your friends, view your phone number, and determine whether your profile is accessible to search engines. These privacy settings are worth inspecting because they can add a layer of protection while preventing strangers from accessing your personal information and making unwanted contact through friend requests.

News Feed Preferences

Customizing the content you see is also a good move. You can hide posts from friends without unfriending them or alerting them to your decision. Blocking content from specific outlets and pages is also an easy task. Ultimately, spending a few minutes working through the custom settings improves the quality of your feed.


Click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of your Facebook account. Choose the News Feed Preferences to customize several aspects of the feed. You can choose who you see first in your own news feed, giving priority to your favorite people and content sources. You also have the option to unfollow people, pages and groups so that they no longer appear in your feed.

Revisiting these custom settings is easy, and you can quickly re-follow people, pages and groups that were previously blocked. You also have the option to snooze or remove a temporary snooze from specific content sources.