How to Hook a Wii to a TV With Directv Satellite

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Nintendo's Wii system provides a unique platform for games, exercise and other fun activities. Hooking it up to a television which already has a DirecTV satellite connection is fairly easy -- provided that your TV has multiple input jacks. The trick is understanding that the Wii doesn't need to be connected to the DirecTV satellite in order to work. You simply need to connect it to the TV, then learn how to switch back and forth between the two connections.


Step 1

Examine your Wii A/V cable. One end is thick and rectangular. It connects to the Wii itself. The other end has a trio of RCA cables -- one yellow, one red and one white -- which connect to the TV.

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Step 2

Check the back of your TV for input ports corresponding to the Wii's yellow, red and white cables. (They should be circular and color coded to match.) Every TV should have at least one set, and many contain a set of input ports in the front of the TV as well as the back.


Step 3

Look at any other input ports on the back of your TV. Most modern TVs have at least two. It may be an RCA connection (another set of the red, white and yellow ports), a component video connection (which looks like the RCA connection except that the colors are red, green and blue), an S-video connection (which is circular and black with pinholes in the center), or an HDMI connection (which is thin and rectangular). High-end TVs may have numerous input jacks corresponding to all of these.


Step 4

Look at the back of your DirecTV receiver for output jacks. It should have a set of RCA jacks (red, white and yellow) under the heading "Out" or "Out to TV." Higher-end models may also have component video jacks, S-video jacks and/or an HDMI jack as well. Use HDMI if both your TV and receiver have it. Otherwise, use the S-video or component video jacks. Use the RCA jacks only if your TV doesn't have any other input jacks.



Step 5

Connect the Wii to the TV using the RCA input jacks you have selected for it. Then connect the receiver to a second set of input jacks on the TV, using the appropriate cable. Note which component goes into which jack, You'll need to know it in order to get the components to work.

Step 6

Set up the sensor bar for the Wii in front of the TV.


Step 7

Turn on all of your components and press the "Input" button on your TV set. It cycles through the available input jacks in the back. Keep pressing it. You should see the images from the satellite feed appear, then the welcome screen of the Wii. Use the Input button in the future to cycle back and forth between them.



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