How to Hook up a Samsung Galaxy Tab to a TV

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Connect a Samsung Galaxy Tab to a high definition television to stream movies right from your tablet.
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The Samsung Galaxy Tab can connect to a high-definition television to make it easier to watch videos or show off your pictures. You can also use the television's controls to adjust the tablet's volume. You will need an HDMI dongle or Multimedia Dock to make your tablet HDMI-compatible.


Step 1

Verify that your television is compatible with the video signal produced by the Galaxy Tab. Some televisions may require you to manually set the HDMI resolution to match the Galaxy Tab's output or the picture will not display correctly.

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Step 2

Attach an HDTV adapter or set your Galaxy Tab into a multimedia dock until it locks into place. Plug one end of an HDMI cable into the HDMI output port on the adapter or dock. Plug the other end into your television's HDMI input port. Some televisions have more than one input port. Note which port you are using to connect your Galaxy Tab.


Step 3

Press the "Source" button on your television to scroll through the various input sources until you see the image from the Galaxy Tab displayed on the screen. On some televisions, this button may be labeled "Input" and will be located on the remote control. Consult your owner's manual if you need more specific instructions pertaining to your television's model number.





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