How to Import CDR Into Illustrator

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A CDR file is a special type of computer image file that will have a .CDR file extension. If you're attempting to import a CDR file into Adobe's Illustrator software, you're in luck -- the CDR file format just happens to be one that Illustrator natively supports. All you have to do is use the menu system in Adobe Illustrator, and your CDR file will be imported into the program in just a couple of seconds.


Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator using its shortcut icon in the "Adobe" folder of your computer's "Start" menu.

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Step 2

Click "File."

Step 3

Click "Open File..."


Step 4

Click on the CDR file you want to import into Adobe Illustrator.


Step 5

Click "Open" to import your CDR file into the Adobe Illustrator software.

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