How to Increase Dedicated Video Memory

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Dedicated video memory is memory contained on a graphics cards which is separate from the RAM plugged into the motherboard. The memory on dedicated graphics cards is set aside specifically for the use of processing 3D graphics and effects. Increasing dedicated video memory requires upgrading a video card with one that has more memory built in.


Step 1

Turn off your PC and unplug all the cables.

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Step 2

Use a screwdriver to open your PC's case. There should be a few screws on the back that will allow the left panel of the tower to come free if removed.


Step 3

Uninstall your old video card. Your video card will be the device that the monitor was plugged into. Locate the card and use your screwdriver to remove a single screw just inside the case that is mounting the card in place. (This screw might not always be present) Unplug any extra power cables plugged into the card from the power supply. Check to see if the card is clipped in place by a plastic locking mechanism; if it is, you will have to unclip it by pulling up or pressing down on the clip. Finally, grab the card and pull back firmly until it pops out.


Step 4

Install the new dedicated graphics card with higher memory capacity. In the newly freed up graphics card slot, position the new graphics card perpendicular to the motherboard and press it in firmly. Clip the plastic locking device in place if it doesn't clamp in automatically, hook up extra power cables from the power supply if necessary, and screw in the retainer screw at the back of the case.



Step 5

Close the comptuer, plug everyting back in, and turn the computer on.

Step 6

Use the driver CD that came with your new graphics card to install video drivers. The CD should have an install or setup file that automatically installs drivers which will make your new video card work with your operating system. Restart your computer after the drivers are installed.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdrivers

  • New Dedicated Graphics Card


Increasing your dedicated video memory is helpful for increasing game performance, but the speed of your video cards graphics processing unit (GPU) is also very important. Sometimes cards with more memory but slower GPUs run slower than cards with less memory and faster GPUs.