How to Increase the Volume on a Computer

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Sometimes a personal computer's default speaker systems just are not not loud enough when you are trying to enjoy a YouTube video, a CD or a DVD. Low volume can take away from the enjoyment of these types of entertainment, but there are a few different ways to produce higher volume. They're easy to do when you know how.


Step 1

Find the volume knob or buttons on your laptop or speaker system and turn the volume all the way up.

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Step 2

Increase the volume control provided by the program you are using. Generally, multimedia programs such as YouTube, Hulu, iTunes and Windows Media Player, among most others, provide their own volume control.


Step 3

Raise all the bars in the Master Volume module. You can find this by double-clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen on a Windows-based system. It is generally located beside the clock. On a Mac, hold down Shift+Option and then use the volume buttons. This will give you sixty-four volume options.


Step 4

Put on a set of headphones, if the above suggestions do not provide enough volume on your computer. Headphones will bring the sound closer to your ear and allow you to hear the multimedia more clearly.


If you decide to use headphones, reduce your computer's master volume level before using them to avoid damage to your ears. Then, raise the volume as needed.