How to Take YouTube Off Mute

When it comes to finding and watching video content online, few sites can hold a candle to YouTube. It allows users to put videos online, including videos they have made themselves. YouTube's sound settings are straightforward: A volume slider bar regulates how loud the sound is when the video plays on your computer. But when this volume bar is dragged all the way to the left, it mutes YouTube content. You can take YouTube off mute by performing the following steps.

Step 1

Open your Web browser.

Step 2

Navigate to the YouTube homepage.

Step 3

Locate a video you wish to play. Click on it to begin streaming the video.

Step 4

Click on the sound icon. If YouTube is muting the video, the sound icon will look like a megaphone with a red "X" through it. Clicking on this icon will restore the sound to your YouTube videos. Click on the slider bar and drag it to the right to increase the sound after you have un-muted your video.