How to Fix the Volume on Firefox

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Considering the growth of popular video sharing websites such as YouTube, Hulu and Veoh, it is likely that much of the media content that you consume online is enjoyed through your Web browser. If you are unable to raise the volume to the level you desire -- or you are unable to hear audio at all -- it can seriously hamper your enjoyment of this content. Troubleshooting audio in Firefox can be difficult because the browser's audio response often depends on the configuration of Windows or browser add-ons.


Step 1

Click the speaker icon in the lower-right corner of the screen and confirm that the main volume slider is not lowered and that the speakers are not muted.

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Step 2

Click the speaker icon again and then click the "Mixer" link at the bottom. Confirm that the slider below "Mozilla Firefox" is not lowered.


Step 3

Switch to the Firefox window and look for a volume slider at the bottom of the video or audio playback window. Drag the slider up to increase the volume.

Step 4

Right-click the media playback window in Firefox if you cannot see a volume slider at the bottom, and look for a "Volume" or "Mixer" link that you can click to open the volume control.


Step 5

Look for a green puzzle piece with the label "Click here to download plugin" somewhere on the page that you are attempting to play audio or video on. If you see this icon, you have not installed the required plugin to play media on that page. Click the puzzle piece and follow the steps displayed to install the required plugin.


Step 6

Navigate in Firefox to and download the latest version of the Adobe Flash player if you are having difficulty playing content on a Flash-based website. It may be that you have an outdated version of Flash installed or that the files on your computer are corrupted or damaged.

Step 7

Attempt to play content on a different website. If you are experiencing a problem with a single website and have exhausted all troubleshooting steps, the problem may exist on the website rather than your computer.


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Tips & Warnings

  • Some troubleshooting options described in this article are only available in Firefox while audio or video content is playing.



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