How to Increase Volume on a TracFone

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Adjust the volume on your Tracfone.

Tracfone phones are cell phones with pay-as-you-go service plan options. You can adjust many features of the Tracfone cell phone to suit your needs. An example of an adjustable feature on the Tracfone is the volume. You can increase the volume as needed to help you communicate with other people.


Step 1

Place the cell phone flat on the palm of your hand.

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Step 2

Press the "Up" arrow located on the front of the cell phone during the middle of a phone call t increase the volume.

Step 3

Press the "Home" key to go to the main menu of the Tracfone. Locate and press the "Profile" option. Press the "Options" selection. Press "Volume" and use the "Up" arrow to increase the volume of the phone.





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