How to Insert a Tick Mark in Excel

By Kathleen Klein

To insert a check mark in your Excel 2013 document use the **Wingdings** font located on the **Insert** tab in the **Symbols** group. The font dialog box provides a choice of several check mark characters to insert in your document.

Step 1

Place your cursor in the cell intended for the check mark. Click the **Insert** tab and locate **Symbols**, found on the right side of the ribbon.

Step 2

Click **Symbol** to open the dialog box. From the **Font** drop-down menu, select the **Wingdings** font.

Step 3

Select the check mark -- it's located near the bottom of the symbols dialog box -- click **Insert** and **Close**. Pick from any of the several different types of check mark symbols available. To insert more than one check mark, continue to click insert the click **Close** when you're finished with your insertions.

Tips & Warnings

  • To highlight your check mark with color or a larger font size, select the cell where your check mark is located, open the Home tab, and from the Font group, choose a larger font size, a font color or fill color from the drop-down boxes.
  • Click the cell with the check mark and drag the fill handle down to insert several check marks down the page.
  • This process does not create an interactive check box that a user can select.