How to Insert a Tick Mark in Excel

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Check Mark in Cell
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To insert a check mark in your Excel 2013 document use the Wingdings font located on the Insert tab in the Symbols group. The font dialog box provides a choice of several check mark characters to insert in your document.


Step 1

Insert Symbol
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Place your cursor in the cell intended for the check mark. Click the Insert tab and locate Symbols, found on the right side of the ribbon.

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Step 2

Wingdings Font
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Click Symbol to open the dialog box. From the Font drop-down menu, select the Wingdings font.


Step 3

Choose Check Mark Symbol
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Select the check mark -- it's located near the bottom of the symbols dialog box -- click Insert and Close. Pick from any of the several different types of check mark symbols available. To insert more than one check mark, continue to click insert the click Close when you're finished with your insertions.


To highlight your check mark with color or a larger font size, select the cell where your check mark is located, open the Home tab, and from the Font group, choose a larger font size, a font color or fill color from the drop-down boxes.

Click the cell with the check mark and drag the fill handle down to insert several check marks down the page.

This process does not create an interactive check box that a user can select.