How to Insert a Zip File Into Excel

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How to Insert a Zip File Into Excel
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When working with Excel, you can insert a variety of objects into a spreadsheet. For example, you can insert images, graphs, and other files. If you need to insert a Zip file into your Excel spreadsheet, it takes little time to do so. After you insert the Zip file, anyone you share the Excel workbook with can access the contents of the file by double-clicking the Zip file icon.


Step 1

Open the Excel file that you want to insert a Zip file into.

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Step 2

Select the worksheet you want to add the Zip file to and click the "Insert" tab located in the Excel ribbon.


Step 3

Click "Object" from the "Text" section of the ribbon. The "Object" window will open.

Step 4

Select "Create from File" and then click "Browse" so you can search for the Zip file you want to insert.



Step 5

Click the Zip file you want to insert in your Excel workbook and then click "Open."

Step 6

Click "OK" to insert the Zip file you selected. The Zip file will show up as a folder icon in your Excel spreadsheet.




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