How to Insert a Document Icon Into Word

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Access many documents by just clicking an icon.

When you insert a document icon into Word, you are essentially embedding the file or linking it to the document. Embedding files makes it convenient to reference other documents. Also, the small icon is recognizable by people who may not be familiar with hyper-linked text. If you don't know how to insert a document icon into Word you could have difficulty referencing other documents. Complete the task in just a few simple steps.


Step 1

Open Microsoft Word and place the cursor where you want to insert the icon.

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Step 2

Click "Insert" from the Microsoft Office toolbar at the top of the screen.

Step 3

Move the cursor over to the right until you hit "Insert object." Click on that link.



Step 4

Click on "Choose from File."

Step 5

Find and click on the document you want to insert. Click "OK."

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