How to Insert HTML Into Gmail

By Dustin Thornton

Sometimes it's helpful to insert HTML Web programming language into a Gmail message, such as inserting a signature with an image or a full HTML email including common HTML elements such as tables, "

" tags or links. Gmail doesn't allow you to insert HTML code directly into your messages. You can, however, copy the output of any HTML page and paste it into the body of a Gmail email message to insert the HTML into a Gmail message.

Step 1

Upload any images you want to include in the Gmail message to your Web server online or to a photo sharing website. Because Gmail doesn't allow you to insert HTML directly into the message, you must reference images online instead of attach them in the email.

Step 2

Create an HTML document either via an HTML editor, a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor or by using Notepad. Reference the location of any images online and not the ones saved to your computer when inserting image tags into the HTML code.

Step 3

View the HTML output in your Web browser. If you created the file on your computer via an HTML editor or Notepad, simply right-click the file. Click "Open with" and click on your Web browser from the list. If using a WYSIWYG editor online, select the option to preview the output.

Step 4

Highlight all of the content on the page that you wish to include in your Gmail message and press "Ctrl" and "C" together to copy it to your clipboard.

Step 5

Open your Web browser and log in to your Gmail ( account and click on "Compose" to create a new message. Type in your message optionally and then right-click where you want the HTML output to appear in your message. Click "Paste." The HTML output will appear in the Gmail message.