How to Install a 2 Way Cable TV Splitter

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Cable television is a great option for homes with multiple TVs where having a set top box in every room isn't always an option. Using a cable splitter allows you to receive a cable signal on more than one television using only one signal. Splitters are also great for using a third party DVR to simultaneously record and watch two different television programs.


Step 1

Screw a coaxial cable into the cable wall jack and tighten with wrench. Depending on your setup, determine if the longest or shortest cord would be better for this connecting.

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Step 2

Locate the "In" jack on the cable splitter and screw the coaxial cable from the wall jack into it, and tighten with a wrench


Step 3

Locate the two "out" jacks on the splitter and use the remaining two coaxial cables to screw one cable in each port, tightening with a wrench.


Step 4

Connect the two ends of the coaxial cable to the television sets you are trying to get a signal on.



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