How to Install a OneNote Printer Driver

Image Credit: littlehenrabi/iStock/Getty Images

Microsoft OneNote has the ability to capture text from any source using a virtual printer driver that Windows displays as a menu option labeled "Send to OneNote" when you print a document. If you do not see this option when you print a document and you know that Microsoft OneNote is installed, the printer driver may be damaged or corrupted. Run a repair operation on Microsoft Office to reinstall the damaged printer driver and resolve the issue.

Step 1

Open the Windows "Start" menu and click "Control Panel."

Step 2

Select the "Add and Remove Programs," "Programs and Features" or "Uninstall a Program" control panel icon, depending on the Windows version installed.

Step 3

Click the "Microsoft Office" program entry and then click "Change."

Step 4

Click the "Repair" radio button and click "Continue." If you did not elect to cache the installation data for Microsoft Office on your computer when you installed it, Windows may prompt you to insert the Microsoft Office installation CD at this time. Insert the disc, if prompted to do so. Windows will scan the computer for missing or damaged files; if any are found, they will be repaired automatically. During this process, the OneNote virtual printer driver is reinstalled.

Step 5

Wait for the green progress meter at the bottom of the window to fill. An on-screen message will notify you that the repair process is complete.

Step 6

Click the "Close" button. Click "Yes" to restart the computer.


You will not see a "Send to OneNote" option if you are running OneNote 2007 on a 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7. The OneNote 2007 printer driver is not compatible with 64-bit operating systems. Microsoft added 64-bit support to the OneNote printer driver with the release of OneNote 2010.