How to Install an SD Card on the Kindle

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The Amazon Kindle has helped revolutionize the way we read books, magazines, newspapers and other documents. Though the Kindle has enough memory to store hundreds of text files or more, you may need more memory. If this is the case, you can install a Secure Digital (SD) card to your Kindle. With a SD card installed, you increase the amount of documents you can store on your Kindle.


Step 1

Turn the Kindle's power off and turn the device over so the back is facing up.

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Step 2

Remove the back cover by pressing down on the cover while sliding it to the right side of the Kindle. The battery compartment, "Reset" button and SD card slot are visible when the back cover is removed.


Step 3

Insert the SD card by sliding the card with the label side up into the SD card slot. The SD card slot is located on the right side of the Kindle. You will feel a click when the card is fully inserted into the slot.

Step 4

Place the back cover back on the Kindle by laying it flat on the device and sliding it to the left. The cover will click and none of the cover's tabs are visible when the back cover is correctly placed on the Kindle.


If you need to remove the SD card, open the back cover and press in on the card. You will hear a click, and the card will spring out of the slot. Pull the card fully out of the Kindle and replace the back cover.