What to Do With Kindle Books Already Read?

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While the Amazon Kindle can hold up to 1,500 ebooks, it's not always practical or desirable to keep that many on your device at once. Organizing gets messy after awhile, and you'll want to free up space for new additions to your library. Amazon makes this a non-issue with both archiving and sharing functionality for your Kindle books.



Every Kindle book you download from Amazon--whether you purchased it or downloaded it for free--is archived in your Amazon Kindle online account. This means you can safely delete books from your Kindle without worrying about whether you can get them back.


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The Kindle books remain available in an archive format online; when you want to re-read a book, you just download it to your Kindle again.

Archived books are listed on your Kindle itself for easy reference. Just push the "Home" page to view your bookshelf and navigate to the last page of listings. You can jump there quickly by pressing the number of the last page on your keyboard, then pressing the enter key or the five-way navigation key. If you have eight pages of books on your home page, for example, push the eight key on the keyboard, then push the five-way navigator and the Kindle will jump to your last page of books. You'll find the archives at the bottom of that last page.


You can also jump to the Archives by pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "View Archived Items."



You can share most Kindle books with up to five other Kindle devices, as long as those devices are registered to the same Amazon account. Kindle devices, in this context, include actual Kindles, Kindle for PC and iPhone Kindles.


When you're finished reading a Kindle book, delete it from your device and it will be available for other people on your account. This makes it particularly easy to share a book among family members.

Note that magazines, newspapers and other subscriptions cannot be shared. At this time, sharing is only available for Kindle books.




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