How to Zoom With Kindle

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The Amazon Kindle is an electronic book-reading device produced by the online retailer Instead of buying physical print copies of books, you can purchase a Kindle and read digitized "e-book" versions of hundreds of thousands of titles. If you find that the text on the Kindle's screen is too small for your eyes to read comfortably, you could always use the built-in "zoom" feature to magnify the text into a bigger size.


Step 1

Turn on your Amazon Kindle by pressing the "Power" button on the device.

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Step 2

Use the main menu to select an "e-book" from your Kindle's internal hard drive that you want to read. Use the arrow keys and "scroll" button on the device to navigate to a part of the book that you want to magnify.


Step 3

Press down the "scroll" button. This will cause an on-screen menu to appear with a few different options. Use the "scroll" button to highlight and select the "Zoom" option.


Step 4

Rotate your Kindle so that you are now holding it in "landscape" mode. Once you select "Zoom" from the Kindle's menu, the screen will rotate itself as the text magnifies. To adjust, you must physically change the way you are holding the Kindle in order to read the text. The text will have been zoomed in on and made larger and you can continue to read your "e-book" and use your Kindle in the same fashion you always have.




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