How to Change the Read-to-Me Voice from Male to Female on a Kindle

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The Amazon Kindle features a text-to-speech option that reads books to you. Publishers can decided to disable the feature for their books, so not every book has it. On those books that do, readers can choose the rate at which the Kindle reads to the text and whether the Kindle will use a male or female voice. You can switch from a male to female voice at any time and vice versa.


Step 1

Open a book on the Kindle that has text-to-speech as an option.

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Step 2

Press the "Aa" button on the keypad.

Step 3

Scroll to "turn on" with the 5-way controller and click on it. The Kindle will start reading the book.



Step 4

Press the "Aa" key again.

Step 5

Scroll to "female" and click on it. The reading voice will change to female.

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