How to Activate Text-to-Speech for Kindle on an Android Device

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Avid readers are embracing the paper-free versatility that reading Kindle e-books on their mobile devices, such as Android smartphones, affords them. People who love books can now enjoy choosing from a worldwide library, available at the touch of their fingertips, via the free Kindle for Android app available at the Android Market or through -- the maker of Kindle. And now readers have the increased luxury of closing their eyes, relaxing and listening to their e-books on their phones, by using the free Classic Text-to-Speech Engine app.


Things You'll Need

  • Classic Text-to-Speech Engine for Android app

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Step 1

Download the latest version of the free Classic Text-to-Speech Engine for Android app at Click on the downloaded file and click "run." Follow the program prompts to complete installation.


Step 2

Click on the book that you wish to hear by clicking on its associated icon on your phone's screen. Then select the text-to-voice option in the options box. Adjust the volume to the desired level -- using the control located on the side of your phone or the control on the touchscreen.


Step 3

Use headphones with your Android phone to listen to your e-books, or activate the speakerphone option on the keyboard or in the control panel.



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