How to Activate Text-to-Speech for Kindle on an Android Device

Avid readers are embracing the paper-free versatility that reading Kindle e-books on their mobile devices, such as Android smartphones, affords them. People who love books can now enjoy choosing from a worldwide library, available at the touch of their fingertips, via the free Kindle for Android app available at the Android Market or through -- the maker of Kindle. And now readers have the increased luxury of closing their eyes, relaxing and listening to their e-books on their phones, by using the free Classic Text-to-Speech Engine app.


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Things You'll Need

  • Classic Text-to-Speech Engine for Android app


Download the latest version of the free Classic Text-to-Speech Engine for Android app at Click on the downloaded file and click "run." Follow the program prompts to complete installation.


Click on the book that you wish to hear by clicking on its associated icon on your phone's screen. Then select the text-to-voice option in the options box. Adjust the volume to the desired level -- using the control located on the side of your phone or the control on the touchscreen.


Use headphones with your Android phone to listen to your e-books, or activate the speakerphone option on the keyboard or in the control panel.

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