How to Change the IMEI Code on an iPhone

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Use ZiPhone software to change your iPhone's IMEI.

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) code is a 15- or 17-digit code used to identify your mobile phone on the network. This code is very important for phone security as users whose phone has been stolen can call their carrier and have them disable the phone by simply giving them their phone's IMEI number. With the aid of ZiPhone, users looking to change their IMEI number can do so.


Step 1

Download and install ZiPhone (see Resources) by double-clicking and extracting the ZiPhone ZIP folder on your desktop.

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Step 2

Click on the "Start" menu button in Windows and launch the command prompt by selecting "Run" and typing in "cmd" without quotations.


Step 3

Type in "cd Desktop/ZiPhone" in the command prompt and press "Enter." Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 4

Put the phone into recovery mode. Press the "Power" and "Sleep/Wake" buttons on your iPhone simultaneously until you see the Apple logo, then let go of the Power button. Continue holding the "Sleep/Wake" button until you see an iTunes logo and a cable on your screen.



Step 5

Type "ziphone -u -i a123456789012345" in the command prompt. Change the numbers to the IMEI code you would like to change. Wait for the program to locate the zibri.dat file. Your iPhone will automatically reboot and your phone is now using a new IMEI.




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