How to Use a Cell iPhone as a TI-83 Calculator

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Your iPhone can now be used as a TI-83 calculator with new market applications.

From finding nearby restaurants to paying your bills on the go, iPhone can do it all. This phone can even prove beneficial to your children in school. Instead of buying students an expensive TI-83 calculator, their phone can become one. A TI-83 is often required by teachers when students get into high school level math classes. Using the iPhone is one way of making your supply list less costly.


Step 1

Go to the iPod App store on your cell phone by clicking on the app icon. The icon normally starts out in the bottom left or right of your phone when you first get it.

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Step 2

Search for "PigLit's PI83 Graphing Calculator" in the app store by clicking the search bar and typing the name of the application.


Step 3

Download the application (cost is $0.99 as of this article's publication date) and wait for it to install. The new icon should be on your phone screen, and you can now use the application.


Step 4

Use your application as you would use a TI-83 calculator. This application allows your phone to graph equations and solve math problems as a normal calculator does by simply clicking the "Graph" or "Solve" button in the application.



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