What if Your BlackBerry Goes Black & Doesn't Work?

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Your BlackBerry is an essential part of your business communication. You can use it to send emails and message coworkers, so having it go down is a bit of a workplace nightmare. When the screen is black and won't turn back on, chances are that your battery is dead; if charging the phone don't work, the battery may need to be replaced.


The Black Screen

A black screen on a BlackBerry can mean a few different things. The screen powers down after inactivity, so can simply indicate that the phone is in sleep mode. If tapping any button doesn't do anything, the phone has probably lost power. This can happen if the device gets bumped, so try pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds to turn the phone back on. Additionally, a black screen might hint at a damaged or malfunctioning screen.

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Charging Your BlackBerry

If the phone's screen is black and the device won't turn back on or work, it's battery is likely depleted. Connect the phone to its charger and plug it in to an AC socket. Allow it to charge for a couple of hours and then press and hold the red power button to turn it back on. If nothing happens, the battery may not be seated correctly or may be faulty. Additionally, the charger may be faulty; see if a coworker has one you can borrow to charge your phone and replace yours if necessary.


Check the Battery

You can safely remove the battery on any BlackBerry device. Each BlackBerry is a little different, so check your user manual if you can't see how to remove your battery specifically. Generally, you can lift the battery directly out on BlackBerry Bold models by inserting your finger under the battery on the back of the phone or can slide the plastic back off on Curve and other models and then lifting the battery out. Check that the gold contacts on the battery are free from dust and corrosion and that they line up correctly.



Seek Service

If the battery looks to be okay and the phone still won't charge and the screen won't come on, your battery may need to be replaced or the phone may need to be serviced. Call your cellular service provider or visit the shop that you purchased the phone from. Most cell providers offer basic warrant support for mobile devices, but these warranties are often void in the event that your phone was exposed to water.




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