How to Turn on a Samsung Phone

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If you've ever tried to dial a number and realized your screen is black, that's a sign that your phone is currently turned off. All Samsung phones come with the option of turning the phone off, in case you are in flight or you need to conserve battery power. The phone will also turn off if it has no charge. To turn the phone back on, you'll need to press one of two buttons, depending on the model of your phone.


Step 1

Remove the battery cover to make sure the battery is correctly installed. Arrows on the battery cover indicate which way the cover lifts off. The battery should fit securely into place and should not move if you move the phone.

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Step 2

Reattach the battery cover. Press and hold the red "Phone" icon on your phone's keypad. More advanced phones, such as touch screen phones, have a "Power" button either on the side or on the top of the device that you must press to turn the phone on. The screen should light up after pressing the phone icon or "Power" button for three to five seconds.



Step 3

Attach the charging cable to your phone and to a power source, such as a wall outlet. All new Samsung phones come with a provided USB charger. If the battery in your Samsung phone is currently dead, it will not turn on unless you charge it.



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