How to Find the Model Number of My Nokia Cell Phone

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You will need the model number of your Nokia cell phone before purchasing compatible accessories such as travel chargers or hands-free headsets, or before getting the phone repaired. The easiest way to find the number is to check your owner's manual, receipt or the box your phone came in. If, however, you don't have any of those available, there are other ways to find your phone's model number without a lot of hassle.

Use the Phone Label

Step 1

Turn off your Nokia cell phone.

Step 2

Remove your phone's battery cover. This step will vary from model to model. If your battery cover has a button, push the button and then slide the battery cover off the phone. If there isn't a button, simply slide the battery cover off.

Step 3

Take the battery out of its compartment by gently lifting it from its place.

Step 4

Locate the white Nokia sticker on the inside of the phone. Your model number should be near the top of the sticker and will be noted with "Model:" in front of it.

Use Your Phone

Step 1

Turn on your Nokia phone.

Step 2

Enter *#0000# on your phone's keypad.

Step 3

Read the message that appears on the screen: Your model number will be listed on the first line of the message.


Knowing which model number you have is especially handy when you buy accessories that aren't made by Nokia. Some accessories are compatible with all phones or all Nokia phones, but others are model-specific. With the model number, you can make sure you have the right accessories.


Not all Nokia cell phones will display the model number when you enter the code into the handset.