How to Identify a Cell Phone Model

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There are several ways to find the model number on your cell phone.

Sometimes you need to find the model number for your phone to check for compatible accessories or software, or because you want to buy another phone of the same model. If you don't know your phone's model number, there are several ways of finding out. You can check on the product box or manual, look on the device itself, or you can get the information from your cell phone carrier or local cell phone store.


Step 1

Check the phone's product manual or box. The model number is typically printed on the outside of the box, and on the cover or first page of the manual.

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Step 2

Power the phone on and look for the display that comes up as it is turning on. Some phones list the model number as part of the introduction screen.


Step 3

Turn the phone off and remove the battery. The phone model number is printed on a sticker on the back of the device. The process for removing the battery varies by the phone, but typically there is a button or latch on the top or bottom edge of the phone.


Step 4

Contact your cellular carrier and ask what type of phone you have. The carrier will often have the phone model listed on your account if you bought the phone from them. Sometimes the model will be listed on their Web site under your account information.

Step 5

Take the phone into a cell phone store and ask the representative to identify it.

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