How to Find Out the Model of My LG Cell Phone

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You may need your LG phone's model number to order replacement parts or compatible accessories. Some cell phone models print the number on the phone's casing, but LG phones generally have the number printed inside the phone. Once you have located the model number, write it down and store it in a safe location so it is easily accessible if you need it again in the future. If the model number has worn away or you have trouble locating it, visit the support section of LG's website and browse for your model number by carrier.


Step 1

Shut down your phone.

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Step 2

Turn the cell phone over and remove the battery cover by pressing it in the direction indicated on the phone. Remove the battery by pressing on the top part of it.


Step 3

Look at the phone interior below where the battery normally rests. Your model number will be printed there.